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Chiropractic Wellness @ CJB is aware of the necessity for universal healthcare for Americans and has dedicated its services to a higher quality of care for its patients and lower healthcare spending. We have been in existence since 1995 and thus have seen the changes in Baltimore that have adversely affected the well being of its citizens. We have seen how an individual’s Health is affected by the ever increasing homicide rate, personnel negligence and the current national opiod crisis.  We are heavily invested in educating the surrounding community in the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle at an affordable rate. We strive to help each person who encounters our services to combat obesity, hypertension, diabetes, respiratory illness and mental disorientation.  Health starts with the individual having an investment in love of oneself and having a healthy positive outlook in life. That healthy life affects each person by where and how we live, learn, work and play. We at CW@CJB gear our services to treating and understanding the effect of a healthy lifestyle in all four of these areas.

We understand that where one lives has a direct correlation to the effects of our health.  Emotionally, physically and psychologically we are negatively affected by our home environment. There are documented studies that continually show that homeless children are more vulnerable to mental health problems, developmental delays and depression than children who are stably housed.  Frequent moves, living in doubled-up housing, eviction and foreclosure are also related to elevated stress levels, depression and hopelessness.  By centrally locating our offices in Charles North we hope to bring stability to the community by working with those current developers to steer individuals to our services that enhance their wellness.

It is clear to us that working with the youth of the area gives us the audience to educate them as to the effects that education has on health. As we work with the youth through our numerous exercise and strength training classes, we extol the virtues of raising their test scores so that they can qualify for better educational opportunities that translate into better jobs that provide the necessary health insurance.  Failure to excel educationally places a person into a substandard quality of life situation in which healthy access to quality food is not an option. We at CW@CJB expect to change the mentality of the youth as a complement to what is presented to them at home and in school.

CW@CJB offers corporate discounted rates for group employee Health Wellness classes. We understand the importance of eliminating stress in the work environment, which helps to eliminate stress related health issues. We put marketing efforts into engaging with the local corporations to take advantage of our multiple services for their employees.  The relationship between work and personal health can be a tremendous positive benefit when business leaders and employees take advantage of our corporate programs.  Having the option to participate in our Wellness Educational programs through corporate sponsorship provides the employee with the ability and the flexibility to engage which makes them a more satisfied person and a better employee.

Our last area is Play. CW@CJB recognizes the value of play as it prompts us to be continually, joyously, physically active, combating obesity and enhancing overall health and well-being.  Our instructors gear our classes to be exciting and playful. A major aspect of a sedentary life style, obesity, and poor stress management can be readily linked to play starvation. Play is a basic need. It is a biological requirement for normal growth and development.  As we surveyed the surrounding environment, we notice how many of our residents lead non-active life styles. It is our charge to bring a sense of excitement and enjoyment to Wellness. When we play, at any age, we are engaged in the purest expression of our humanity, the truest expression of our individuality.  We need to recognize the fundamental role of play in our lives. Like sleep, it is a biological need and an activity essential to our health and well-being.

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Please join us at CJB for our monthly Wellness Dinners on the 17th of every month, from 5:30-8:00pm. Enjoy a delicious and nutritious dinner, and our discussions and demonstrations on health and wellness. We welcome you to join us and bring a friend! Please call for more information and to RSVP.

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