Why is wellness in sports fitness important?

There are many benefits of working out for all individuals through a training program with CW@CJB.  For an Athlete, the benefit of a structured strength training program is one of the most important factors in victory versus failure. Increasing muscle mass and building a leaner body helps keep athletes engaged in their sport and out of the doctor’s office. One of the primary reasons for strength training for athletes is injury prevention.

Training for each sport, each team, and each athlete is different, so programs are developed differently. Sports fitness training programs are designed to condition athletes specifically for the unique demands of their sports by building the proper combination of components

Stronger bodies are less prone to injury and consistent strength training leads to:

  • Development of strength and power - translates to faster athletes.
  • Increased muscle mass - produces an overall stronger athlete, possibly giving them an upper edge on opponents that do not train.
  • Increased Performance - a stronger athlete will move faster and/or over power competitors.
  • Improves stamina and endurance - allows for the athlete to engage in their sport for longer durations of time.
  • Conditioning - increased cardiovascular endurance.
  • Strength training- prepares athletes both mentally and physically. Athletes who train hard, especially during off season, are far better prepared for the upcoming season ... and it builds confidence!

Overall, a stronger athlete will move faster, accelerate, change direction quicker, and over power his/her competitors.


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