Why is wellness in workers comp important?

Pain can destroy your lifestyle.  Our clients often share that their life is forever changed by the injury they experienced at work.  Sadly, many states workers’ compensation does not adequately address an injured worker’s pain and suffering.  However, CW@CJB physical therapist and a therapy program can improve your quality of life tremendously.

CW@CJB physical therapist can help you immensely after you have suffered an injury at work. Some treatments include heat packs to relax and stretch muscles or massages, ice, and exercise.

Our physical therapists are experts in improving motion and mobility, sometimes due to a sustained injury.  Making improvements in these areas may increase your ability to earn a living or pursue your activities of daily life.  Additionally, since physical therapy is designed for both your immediate injury and long-term recovery, it can reduce the need for pain medication and the likelihood of re-injury in the future. The time when you are out of work can be stressful for yourself and your family.  Physical therapy can help you get back to work sooner after getting injured at work. We help you set goals to work towards to keep you motivated. We can also help you select an attorney to assist you with your workers compensation case. As with all of our therapies, we can provide you with free transportation to and from your appointments. 


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